Online Trademark Search & Filing

 Trademark Filing + Search (USPTO Database)

Legal Fee $975.00 + USPTO Filing Fees $350(TEAS Standard/class)

* Restrictions apply to the legal fee quoted above.

 Step 1: Trademark Search (USPTO Database)

How It Works

Once you complete our online-form, we will conduct a complrehensive trademark search (USPTO Database) to identify any potential issue with your desired trademark prior to filing your trademark application. 

 Step 2: Patent Attorney Review

Within 3 business days after you complete our online-form, we will return the trademark search results for your review. In the event that we identify any potential issue with your desired trademark, we will conduct a complimentary second search on a differet trademark you choose.

 Step 3: Trademark Application Filed

Our registered U.S. Patent attorney will prepare your tademark application for your review & approval. Once you apporve the trademark application, it will be submited to the USPTO. (Including Response to Non-substantive office actions)

*The legal fee applies to a trademark search & filing up to two classes of goods/services for a trademark currently in use in the U.S. You must review & approve your final trademark application before it is submited to the USPTO.  


What to expect

Searching is only one part of a thorough clearance search. There may be trademarks that are not in the USPTO's database that have rights over yours. Check other sources, such as state trademark databases and the internet.

Registration is not guaranteed. We will carefully examine your application to see if your prospective trademark meets the requirements for federal registration. Although this includes doing the USPTO database search, there are many considerations. The USPTO may find a conflicting mark or another legal issue that bars your registration.