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- We offer support in all aspects of patent prosecution  including prosecuting patent applications and drafting non-infringement opinions. We work with clients to develop and manage patent portfolios in key markets through all phases of patent procurement.

Patent Portfolio Analysis 

- Determine which technologies you should focus your patenting efforts on so you can maximize the return on your patent investment.

Patentability Searches 

- Determine the patentability of your inventions.

Provisional Patent Applications 

- Receive cost-effective “patent pending” status for your invention.

Non-Provisional Patent Applications (Utility) 

- Apply for patent protection on the structural and functional aspects of your invention.

Design Patent Applications 

- Apply for patent protection on the ornamental appearance of your invention.

PCT International Patent Applications 

- Apply for international patent protection for your invention.

Foreign Patent Protection 

- We work with foreign associates in numerous countries to protect your foreign patent rights.

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